A woman presenting in a meeting

In today’s fast-paced professional world, effective presentation skills are crucial. At A Star Formation, we understand this and have integrated a cutting-edge AI tool, Yoodli, into our coaching programs to help professionals refine their presentation skills.

The Power of AI in Coaching

Yoodli isn’t just any AI tool. It’s a specialized platform designed to aid in public speaking and presentation training. As early adopters in its beta phase, we’ve seen firsthand how Yoodli can transform the way professionals communicate. It’s particularly beneficial for those who need to excel in presentations, answer questions in meetings, or work on fluency in English.

Catherine Aygen demonstrating the Yoodli AI presentation skills toolReal-Time Analytics for Immediate Improvement

What sets Yoodli apart is its ability to provide real-time coaching and analytics. It gives feedback on various aspects of your presentation, from the clarity of your points to the pacing of your speech. This immediate feedback allows our clients to make adjustments on the spot, enhancing their learning experience.

Have a look at the video here and see how Yoodli works as a complement to your presentation skills in English coaching

A Testimonial to Success with your Presentation Skills

One of our clients shared their experience: « Before this training, I wasn’t comfortable speaking in English, especially when it came to presenting my work and ideas. The training helped me structure my thoughts in English, use effective transitions, and feel more at ease. This led to a smoother presentation where I could focus more on the message rather than worry about the form. »

Customized Coaching with AI Insights for your presentations

At A Star Formation, we use Yoodli’s insights as a complement to our personalized coaching sessions. The tool’s analysis on aspects like word choice, filler word usage, and delivery style helps us tailor our coaching to each individual’s needs.

Try It Yourself

Interested in taking your presentation skills to the next level with our AI-enhanced coaching? You can book a 15-minute needs analysis discussion with us here. Or, if you’re curious about Yoodli, try the tool using this link: Yoodli AI Tool.