How to use your CPF to finance your training

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The CPF is a French government initiative giving access to professional development for all working people, whether you’re an employee, a job-seeker or self-employed. Your CPF account is updated every year and is available for you to use for certain certified training courses so that you can continue your professional development. It allows you to finance training courses leading to qualifications or diplomas in order to enable you to develop professionally and/or to secure your career path.


How much is in your CPF account?

Log onto your account at with your social security number to see your budget


How can you use your CPF?

If you would like to do your training doing your work hours, you need the agreement of your employer. Otherwise you’re free to do what you want.


How to sign up for your training?

Just choose the training you’d like to do,
click on the CPF link and sign up directly on the CPF site.

Our training programmes are made for you

Are you scared of speaking in front of others in English? .Do you need to understand your international colleagues and be understood?.Would you like to save time writing your emails or your social media posts?

See our CPF training courses

These programmes are for individuals and are either online or in-person. They are eligible for the CPF: distance and face-to-face.

Accessibility: Our training programmes are open to everyone: if you require adaptations to make the training more accessible, please contact us.


We’re here to help you

Our training courses are certified and 100% covered by your CPF training account with trainers who adapt to your level – face-to-face and distance learning.

Our team will be with you every step of the way while you set up your dossier, saving your time. Training programmes adapted to your industry, both within your company or as open trainings.

Toeic: the professional English certification

Pass your Toeic test with us.

Two possibilities: en autonomie (1 hour) or in a certified Toeic centre to get your official score.

All our CPF programmes are certified with the Toeic.

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