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Innovative methods

Inspired by neuroscience so you’ll learn more quickly

The latest tools

Using AI to measure your progress

Forget grammar exercises!

Our training programmes are based on real communication in English

Practical cases

Adapted to your workplace: meeting simulations, pitches, presentations, informal discussions and more.

Do you need to speak English at work?Do you feel that you’re not as fluent or impactful as you would like?Do you want to deliver your message clearly?Your solution is here!

Are you looking for the best training for your employees?

Simple techniques to convince your international colleagues and clients with confidence and impact !

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Our professional development courses

Aygen Training is a training companyfor all of your English speaking needs, whether they are presentations, interviews, virtual meetings or informal conversations with your customers and colleagues.

We’re here to help you communicate effectively in all situations.


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Use your CPF to finance your training

If you are an employee, an apprentice or self-employed in France, you can access your CPF fund to pay for your training.

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