Working in international team

If you work in an international team, you know the challenges that you face, based on cultural differences or communication.THis training will give you the tools to communicate better,understand each other and solve conflicts.This training is also for native English speakers.

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B1 English level


Group training
In-person or virtual instructor-led

Public price

550€ per person. For in-company, please contact us.


1 day

Who’s it for?

Anyone who works in an international team, or with international clients

Your training

The programme will be adapted to your needs

  • What is culture? The what, how and why.
  • Culture, stereotypes and cultural values
  • Case studies and critical incidents
  • What is Global English?
  • Creating an environment for clear and inclusive communication
  • Implementing the Harvard SPLIT framework in your teams


  • Understand the role culture does and doesn’t play in an international team
  • How to encourage inclusive communication across cultures and languages
  • Create a framework for your own context
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Learning methods

Interactive sessions with case studies related to your own cultural context

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