Speak fluently and confidently

Would you like to be more at ease during informal conversations, instead of not finding your words and being afraid that other people won’t understand you?This fun and immersive training will help you to gain confidence and fluency.

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A2 English level


Group training
In-person or virtual instructor-led

Public price

850€ per person For in-company,please contact us.


2 days or 20h online

Who’s it for?

Anyone who would like to speak more confidently and fluently about a variety of topics



Your training

The programme will be adapted to your needs

  • Understand how English is structured to speak more fluently
  • How to learn and retain vocabulary
  • Useful phrases for conversations
  • Preparation of 4 topics in detail with specific vocabulary
  • Small talk, give your opinion, speak in front of an audience
  • Pronounce clearly
  • Avoid typical errors


  • Learn to chat with different people about various topics
  • Get ready for a discussion by preparing key words and phrases
  • Speak more fluently and confidently (self-evaluation)
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Learning methods

Real-life practice; conversations with people from all over the world; simulations followed by feedback; games and fun activities


A “real-life conversation” with feedback; for CPF courses, you will prepare and take the Toeic test

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