Stress-free Professional English

Would you like to be more fluent when you speak English? Would you like to better understand and be understood by your international colleagues and clients? Would you like to review and practise some of the basics that you’re not sure about?This training course is 100% adapted to your needs. You also have the option to access our e-learning platform to keep up your English between sessions

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A2 English level


individual training In-person or virtual instructor-led



Who’s it for?

Anyone who would like to be more confident in their professional English

Public price

1587€ for 20h of individual bespoke training plus 1 year of access to our e-learning partner platform, plus Toeic preparation and test (for CPF) Contact us for group training



Your training


  • Speak more fluently and with less effort
  • Improve your listening comprehension
  • Develop your vocabulary
  • Work on specific grammar points as needed

You will set personal objectives at the beginning of the training, during a full needs analysis

Your programme with be adapted to your needs:

this is an example programme

  • Present yourself and your company
  • Write precise and concise emails or other written content
  • Be able to decipher different accents
  • Speak about the present, past and future accurately
  • Make comparisons
  • Speak about obligations and rules
  • Be able to talk about uncertain situations
  • Know how to start and end a conversation, and keep it going
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Learning methods

Practical training based on spoken English; simulations and speaking exercises based on your own professional context

Training based on oral English.


Evaluation of your level and your personal objectives at the beginning and end of the course; Toeic placement test and final exam

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